Springboard Sanity - Reaction Time Rush Отзывы пользователей

Lots of fun

All around great game with awesome art and some cool mechanics. The dragons are awesome!

Flappy Viking

Nice Flappy theme with Vikings. Gameplay is pretty cool and graphics are above average.

coool game, but pricee

24,99 to unlock all?? it's just me or this app is kinda expensive?

Simple game.

Vlad The Angry Viking Voyager is a simple game,but fun enough. If u like viking,just try it,it is so crazy.

Apps that have a Viking

As a main character is a must download

I like the app

Funny viking

can be better

the physics in this game are decent, but I think it needs more improvement in graphics and gameplay elements to make it really stand out.

Ok but

The in aps are made so you have to use them

Game is nice to play and has great dynamics

Now who doesn't like a viking game with lots of interesting characters and good game play.

very fun

this viking game is so funny and interesting. game play is also quite easy. very worth to try

The best game

It is the best game .... It is fun and interesting ,,amazing and cool ... I like this game

love the viking

i play this game just because of the funny face of the viking :)). i can not stop laughing everytime i saw his face :)), anyway this is a good game too

Funny game!!

This game is a funny game! Amazing and colorful.



Not angry birds

This is ok in its own way but I don't like it much. Ads kill it for me.


Flinging Vlad around is fun for a bit, but the novelty wears off. And beware the IAP to remove ads.

Doesn't work

This game won't even load past the entry screen. Don't download

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